My friend recently won a competition, and the prize was £200 gift card for ANY chosen shop.  How exciting!  I made lots of suggestions and urged her to treat herself, but in the end she opted for a DIY store so she could make some home improvements.  What!?!?!?

I’m sure you can relate to my disappointment on behalf of said friend, who I believe should have splurged it all on a handbag or glam pair of shoes.  Anyway, when she was asking for my advice initially, it was quite enjoyable to think about what I would do if it were mine.

After toying with my imaginary gift card, I settled for Topshop.  I would just like to add that at no point did a DIY/supermarket/home textiles store cross my mind as an option.

So here’s what I would buy from Topshop….

Leaf Embellished Vest £40.00

Topshop Leaf Embellished Vest

Floral Jaquard PJ Trousers £38.00

Topshop Floral Jaquard PJ Trousers

Advance Cut Out Western Boots £68.00

Topshop ADVANCE Cut Out Western Boots

Flat Stud Purse £30.00

Topshop flat stud purse

Black Stone Collar £7.50

TOpshop black stone collar necklace

Lips in Wicked £8.00

Topshop  Lips in Wicked

Nails in Circus £6.00

Topshop nails in circus

See it all on Pintrest

If you won a £200 gift card for anywhere, where would you choose and what would you buy?

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