Thank you to Sophie at S K Beauty for Tagging me in the ‘This or That’ Tag.  I’ve never done one of these before, so I hope you enjoy!

the other dress

Make Up

Blusher or Bronzer:

I would always choose a blusher over a bronzer, as blusher gives me such a healthy glow.  Mac ‘Well Dressed’ is a favourite.

Lipgloss or Lipstick:

Lipstick as they have more staying power.

Liner or Mascara:

I would never ever leave the house without wearing mascara.

Foundation or Concealer:

Foundation as it gives me a good coverage without always needing concealer.

Neutral Eyeshadow or Colour Eyeshadow:

Neutral.  I love a beige, brown or cream coloured eye shadow.  The Urban Decay ‘Naked Basics’ has it all.

Pressed or Loose Eyeshadow:

Pressed – less mess!


OPI or China Glaze:

OPI.  Such a great selection of colours.  If I had the choice, I prefer Essie.

Long or Short Nails:


Acrylic or Natural:


Bright or Dark:

Bright for summer, pastels for winter.

Flower or No Flower:

No flower, I like a plain finish.


Perfume or Body Spray:

Perfume.  ‘See by Chloe’ please!

Lotion or Body Butter:


Body Wash or Soap:

I have used Dove soap for ever and ever.  Creature of habit.

Lush or Other Bath Companies:

Soap and Glory have the most delicious smelling bath products.


Jeans or Sweat Pants:


Long Sleeves or Short Sleeves:


Dresses or Skirts:


Stripes or Plaid:

I cannot resist a stripe!

Flip Flops or Sandals:

Flip flops.  Not very attractive but oh so comfy.

Scarves or Hats:

Always wear a big scarf and I never look right in a hat.

Studs or Dangly Earrings:

Sparkly studs.

Necklace’s or Bracelets:


Heels or Flats:

Flats for the day, heels at night.

Jackets or Hoodies:

Jacket, or stealing my husbands hoodie!


Curly or Straight:

Straight (after taming my frizz!).

Bun or Ponytail:


Bobby Pins or Bufferfly Clips:

Bobby Pins, an absolute essential!

Hair Spray or Gel:

Hair Spray.

Long or Short:

Extra long.

Light or Dark:


Side Sweep or Full Bangs (Fringe):

Side sweep.

Up or Down:



Rain or Shine:

This question is funny as I’m the worse for complaining about the weather/temperature.  I hate being too hot, or too cold.  Somewhere in the middle and I’m happy!

Summer or Winter:

Winter to wrap up warm.

Autumn or Spring:

Spring as I love it when the flowers start to blossom.

Chocolate or Vanilla:

Chocolate and lots of it!



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