The #theSOproject (The Starting Off Project) is a brilliant concept thought up by beauty blogger Stephanie to give advice and information to young girls experimenting with makeup and skincare.

I can still remember my first ever beauty purchase at the age of about ten.  It was a pearly pink nail polish bought from a pharmacy and I loved it!  I also remember my second ever beauty purchase….a black (yes black) lipstick bought from Cardiff’s indoor market.  I have no idea why I wanted this, and would not advise either! Let’s just say it didn’t come off that easily and my mother was mortified!

The #theSOproject will run for the next ten weeks covering all aspects of beauty and skincare; giving tips, advice and tutorials.  There are over 100 beauty bloggers involved, and the schedule is as follows:

Week 1: Skincare
Week 2: Concealer
Week 3: Foundation
Week 4: Bronzer
Week 5: Blusher
Week 6: Mascara
Week 7: Eyeliner
Week 8: Eyeshadow
Week 9: Lips
Week 10: Make up tools

Visit every Tuesday for the next installment of #theSOproject

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