If you want to make your skin look flawless in preparation for makeup, you will need a good concealer. Concealer has many uses including covering dark under eye circles, covering blemishes and as an eye shadow base.

concealer - rimmel, collection, benefit, no 7

Covering dark circles:

To cover dark under eye circles, dab along the darkest area using the doe foot applicator or a brush in a crescent shape. Using your ring finger, lightly dab to blend (rubbing or pulling will only move the concealer and irritate the delicate under eye area). This can be done before or after applying your foundation, it’s up to you!

Covering blemishes:

Using a clean brush, dab a spot of concealer lightly on the blemish. Use your ring finger to gently dab the area until it blends into the skin. It’s better to cover blemishes after applying your foundation to avoid moving the concealer. Powder the skin to finish & set your makeup.

Covering acne and scarring

If you suffer from acne or scarring, makeup artist Lisa Eldridge has a fantastic video on spot covering, with amazing results. Lisa Eldridge shows a step by step guide from preparing the skin, to the finished flawless base.

Watch the video here:

What if concealer isn’t enough?

If concealer doesn’t do a good enough job covering dark areas, use a corrector beforehand. A corrector has yellow tones which help brighten, and will cancel out any purple tones in the skin.

How do I choose the correct concealer?

When choosing your concealer, go for cool undertones to hide blemishes and redness, and yellow and peach undertones for under the eye. To brighten, but keep a natural look, select a shade that is one half shade lighter than your skin tone. Be careful not to go too light, you want the concealer to blend with your foundation.

Types of concealer:

Pot concealer – Heavily pigmented and thickest type of concealer, apply using your finger or a brush.

Tube/wand concealer – Liquidy , offers medium to full coverage and easy to blend.

Stick concealer – Creamy, soft and easy to blend.

Budget buy concealers:

concealer - rimmel, collection, benefit, no 7
L – R: Rimmel, Collection, Benefit, No 7.


Rimmel London – Wake Me Up Concealer

This concealer has an ‘anti fatigue’ effect and gives a radiant glow. It has a doe foot applicator and blends in beautifully using a fluffy brush. If I could recommend any budget buy concealer it would be this one.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer £5.49

Collection – Lasting Perfection 16 Hour Wear Concealer

This concealer from Collection is an absolute bargain and is favoured by many makeup artists and bloggers. This moisturising concealer gives a light coverage that really does last all day.

Collection Lasting Perfection 16 Hour Wear Concealer £4.19

Benefit – It Stick Conceal It All Stick

Benefit’s It Stick is a pencil concealer that is soft and creamy, and blends seamlessly. It dries matte and stays put all day. A bit on the expensive side but Benefit offer great quality beauty products.

Benefit It Stick Conceal It All Stick £17.00

No 7 – Quick Cover Concealer

A great concealer for covering blemishes. Dries to a powder finish and gives a great coverage. I wouldn’t recommend this one for under the eye. Stick with a concealer like the Rimmel Wake Me Up for that job

No 7 – Quick Cover Concealer £7.50

concealer - rimmel, collection, benefit, no 7
L – R: No 7 Quick Cover (05 Medium), Collection Perfection ((2 Light), Rimmel Wake Me Up (010 Ivory), Benefit It Stick (one colour).

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