I’ve had a crazy few weeks, and have been on a few weekends away, so I apologise for the delay in weeks 4 & 5 of #theSOproject !  I thought I would combine these two posts as they fit together nicely.

Applying foundation to your face can often take out the natural colours of your face, so adding a blusher or a bronzer is essential to give you a sun kissed radiance.  Blushers and Bronzers come in many forms such as powder, cream and liquid and can be applied using a brush, sponge or your fingers.

Blushers and Bronzers


Choosing the correct blusher/bronzer colour is as important as getting your foundation colour right.  A darker skin colour can get away with bold bright colours and a pale skin should stick to light shades.  Remember  a little goes a long way!

Applying blusher

Blusher should be applied to the apples of your cheeks (smile and find the raised areas of your cheeks) and blended outwards towards your hairline.  You don’t have to stick to one colour blusher, blending two can give you a beautiful soft glow.

Applying bronzer

To get a beautiful sun kissed glow, apply bronzer lightly, focusing on areas that the sun would naturally hit.  This includes the high parts of your cheeks, forehead, chin and jaw line.

Contouring & highlighting your cheekbones

Contouring involves low lighting for areas you want to recede, and highlighting for areas you want to emphasise.  I am not an expert at this, but the basics are as follows:

Find the hollows of your cheeks, which is right underneath your cheekbone.  If you have trouble finding this area, run your blusher brush up your cheek and it’s the area your brush stops.  Apply your bronzer or darker low lighter using an angled or blusher brush, using light sweeping motions from the high parts of your cheek upwards towards your hairline.  To make your cheekbones stand out, you need to apply a highlighter at the high parts of your cheekbones.

Watch the video below by Wayne Goss for an extreme Kim Kardashian contour look:

Do I need tanned skin to wear bronzer?

No! Anyone can wear bronzer.  If you have pale skin, choose a bronzer one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone.  A multi toned mosaic style bronzer with pinks and beige’s will work best.

Best Budget Blusher Buys

Mac Blushers
L-R: Mac Blushers – Mocha,Margin & Well Dressed


Mac – Powder Blush – Well Dressed, Mocha & Margin

Mac offers a brilliant selection of blushers, and a little bit goes a really long way.  I wear ‘Mocha’ most days as it’s a beautiful dark pink that gives a natural flush.  ‘Well Dressed’ is a gorgeous shimmery light pink that looks great on pale skin and gives a soft glow.  ‘Margin’ blusher borders on a bronzer as it’s a peachy golden shade that looks great with tanned skin.  Overall Mac blushers are great quality and well worth the price.

Mac Powder Blush £18.00

Rimmel – Stay Blushed – 004 Sunkissed Cherry

I don’t normally go for liquid blushers, but this was a great addition to my September Glossybox.  It applies as a bright pink, but blends into a gorgeous soft pink.  This Rimmel blusher has a lovely scent and is really long lasting.  Great for a natural flush of colour.

Rimmel Stay Blushed £4.49

Best Budget Bronzer Buys

Bronzers: Sephora, 17, sleek
L-R: Sephora, Sleek & 17

Sephora – Shimmering Bronzing Powder – 2 Medium

I picked up this Sephora bronzer from a recent trip to Paris, and couldn’t resist buying it as the tones look so bright and warm.   A quick sweep across the bronze tones and bright pink gives a gorgeous summery glow that applies really naturally.

Sephora Shimmering Bronzing Powder 14.50 €

17 – Instant Glow Shimmer Brick – Pink Bronze

This Shimmer bronzer from 17 is a great duplicate for the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks and is a fraction of the price.  If you’re looking for something super shimmery then this is a great one for you.  You can sweep across the pink tones for a blush, the gold tones for a bronze, or across all tones for a beautiful glow.

17 Instant Glow Shimmer Brick £4.99

Sleek – Face Contour Kit – Light

Sleek makeup is such value for money, and this contour kit is amazing quality for the price.  The palette includes a matte bronzer and a shimmering highlighter which really complement each other.  The bronzer is quite dark considering this is the lightest Sleek palette,  so use sparingly!

Sleek Face Contour Kit £6.49


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