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Essie Luxe Nail Polish Collection

If you follow me on twitter @theotherdress you will know that I’m always raving on about my love for Essie nail polishes.  If I do a good job of my application; two coats finished off with Seche Vite top coat, it will last me a good week.

Essie have just launched their ‘Luxe Nail Polish Collection’, a selection of dazzling top coats to enhance your polish colour.  They are super glitzy and come in pink, gold, white, silver and blue.  As my Essie collection is already huge I limited myself to purchasing just the one (for the moment!).  I went for  ‘a cut above’, which is baby pink flecks of glitter.

Essie 'a cut above' Luxe top coat and 'angora cardi' pink nail polish

Essie’s ‘a cut above’ looks amazing over most colours but I especially love it over the plum red ‘angora cardi.

Essie 'a cut above' Luxe top coat and 'angora cardi' pink nail polish

These would make perfect Christmas gifts wrapped up in with a little bow!

Essie Luxe Nail Polish Collection £7.99


Essie Summer 2013 Collection

Essie summer collection 2013 mini set

I absolutely love Essie nail polishes, and if applied well with a good base and top coat it will last me a week.

My go to Essie colour is ‘Fiji’, a soft pale pretty pink that dries opaque.  I think I love it so much because it reminds me of my wedding day, and really compliments any skin tone.

As it is summer, and we have had an actual summer in the UK! I decided to try out some of Essie’s new summer 2013 collection.  I spotted a mini set which included ‘naughty nautical’ a shimmery blue-green, ‘sunday funday’ a bright orangy pink and ‘full steam ahead’ a pearly lilac purple.  This set was only £9.99, which is amazing value as the brushes are the same size as in a normal size bottle (instead of the mini brushes some brands use, which take much longer to apply).

Essie summer collection 2013 mini set

Essie summer collection 2013

Essie summer collection 2013
(L-R: sunday funday, naughty nautical, full steam ahead)

I love these three colours, and my favourite has to be ‘sunday funday’ which I tried out immediately.  As I said before, I was pleasantly surprised that these mini bottles had a full size brush, so took me a matter of a few minute to apply.  The colour is so strong that I could have got away with one coat, but for optimum colour I always apply two.  I don’t normally wear brights on my nails, but loved the way this shade was almost neon, and such a feel good colour.

essie shade sunday funday on nails
(Essie shade: sunday funday)

The camera didn’t quite pick up the true colour, which isn’t quite pink, orange or red, so definitely go and check it out in the shops if this is your thing.