After booking your venue, the first thing you should do is find a wedding photographer.  All the best ones get booked up early and you don’t want to fall in love with photos you can’t have.

Search for wedding photographers in your area, and shortlist the ones whose photos you lust over.  I found four that I absolutely loved, then dismissed the ones that I couldn’t afford.  I only ended up meeting one photographer, as I had researched her photos so thoroughly and she was just in my budget.

Tip 1: If your dream wedding photographer is out of your budget, try negotiating with them to cover less of the day for a smaller cost.  You could even ask for images on a disk only and make your own album.

Photographer booked.  Now do you think about a wedding videographer?  Many people see this as a luxury (as we did), but I can’t emphasize how great it is to have a film of your day.  We weren’t that bothered about having a video as we couldn’t really afford it on top of the photographer, and who likes hearing and seeing themselves on film?

What made me change my mind was seeing a Facebook status of a friend that said something like “my little girl is watching our wedding video AGAIN, I can’t convince her to watch anything else”.  This completely pulled on my heart strings and we decided stuff it, we will never have this day again, let’s get a videographer.

Tip 2: If you can afford a videographer, do not hesitate to book one.  Like the photographers, all the good ones get booked up fast.

wedding video

We had our wedding video about 6 weeks after the wedding, which was such a treat as we knew we would have to wait a while to get the photos.  After you get over the awful sound of your own voice, and seeing faces you never knew you pulled, it gives you a true representation of your wedding day.  Something a photo just can’t do.  The speeches on the day were epic, and without a video we would never be able to re-live these moments again.

Tip 3: If you don’t decide on a videographer, get a friend or family member to film your speeches, even if it’s on a smart phone.  You never know what might be pulled out of the bag and you will surely want to watch them again!

So, photographer vs. videographer.  I would say they are equally as important.  I have beautiful photos in frames all around my home, which I look at every day. But once in a while it’s magical to put on your wedding video and be part of the day again.


Wedding photographer: Aga Tomaszek

Wedding videographer: Accesi

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