Choose your bridesmaids carefully as they will become an integral part of your wedding planning process.   Of course it would be lovely to ask all of your best girlfriends, but eight bridesmaids really is one too many!  Just remember that you will need to pay for dresses, shoes, accessories, flowers, hair and makeup, which can accumulate to a huge cost.  This shouldn’t be the main reason why you don’t ask someone, but bear it in mind.

Tip 1: Your maid of honour will organise your hen/bachelorette party and be your main helper on your wedding day. Choose carefully!

Depending on how many bridesmaids you have, you may want to make finding the bridesmaids dresses a group effort, or hunt for them alone.  Everyone has different tastes and we all come in different shapes and sizes, so finding something to suit everyone can be tricky.  I spotted some great dress options before I went shopping with my two bridesmaids, which meant they could pick from a selection that I loved.

bridesmaid dresses

Tip 2: Remember it’s your wedding.  Don’t let the bridesmaids pressure you into a dress that you don’t like, can’t afford or doesn’t match you colour scheme.  Respectively, make sure that everyone feels happy and comfortable in the dress you choose.

I originally planned to choose red dresses for my bridesmaids, but struggled to find something modern and non traditional.  In the end I came across a black and white satin striped number from Ben De Lisi at Debenhams, which the bridesmaids and I loved.  I think black was a bit of a risky choice for a bridesmaid dress, but the girls looked gorgeous, and the look was softened by the pink and red bouquets.

Tip 3: Don’t dismiss the high street! Look carefully and you can find some great dresses suitable for bridesmaids.



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