The wedding dress is probably the most exciting and expensive dress you will ever buy, and the reason my blog is named ‘The Other Dress’.

bride getting ready

This is something that you need to get right the first time (not like me).  Unfortunately my wedding dress buying experience didn’t start out great.  I have never been an impulse buyer, but jumped and threw money at the first dress I saw.  Online.

The dress was totally beautiful and princess like, and as soon as it arrived I was dying to try it on.

Tip 1: Do not buy a wedding dress intending to slim into it.  If you are planning to lose weight before your big day, do it well in advance, then go and try on dresses.

By the time I had lost enough weight to try on the dress properly, it just didn’t feel right.  Not in the fitting sense, but in the ‘this just isn’t me’ sense.  It felt too glamorous (yes there is such a thing!) and I wished I had something simple.

Tip 2: Don’t be impulsive – shopping online for your wedding dress isn’t a great idea.  You might save some money, but you will never find the best fitting dress.  Mine was non returnable and is still hanging in my spare room waiting for a new home.

So this all happened 4 months before the wedding, which was incredibly stressful as I knew dresses needed to be ordered months and months in advance.  My mum was amazing and as all mothers say ‘don’t worry, we will fix this’.  So the next day we went dress shopping.

Tip 3: Go to the bridal shops and try on as many dresses as you like.  This is what every girl dreams of and you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

So I spent the next two days visiting all the bridal shops in my area trying on gowns, which really was the best shopping experience ever.  I found my dress in a small and modest bridal shop, that had the loveliest staff.  They were so helpful and managed to order my dress just in time for the big day.

A lot of bridal shops will encourage you to try on dresses which are really not your style, but sometimes it is worth a shot.  The amount of brides I’ve talked to that end up with a completely different dress style to what they thought they wanted is countless.

Tip 4: Try everything! You never know! The staff in the bridal shops are pretty good and can normally suss out what will suit you.

So I had found my dress. THE DRESS. And as my friend said ‘you know it’s the one because you feel like a bride’. Ahhh

Tip 5: Go with your gut feeling, and if you feel ‘like a bride’ then it’s the one.


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