It’s been over a year since my wedding day, and looking back there is a lot of things I wish I’d know.  Planning everything yourself takes a lot of time and energy, but all your hard work really does pay off in the end.  I would definitely say I had the best day of my life, and would do it all again tomorrow if I could.

bride and groom

So, from experience I am going to try and help and guide you in some of the difficult decisions you have to make when planning your wedding.

From Monday I am going to be posting a 7 day series of planning your wedding tips.

To start you off, my number one tip for planning your wedding would be:

Delegate! You may want to control every aspect of the day yourself, but you are not a super hero and you can’t do everything.  I had the crazy idea that I would be able to go to the venue on the morning of the wedding to check everything looked perfect and help dress the tables.  Reality: you will just about have enough time to get yourself ready and to the church on time! So do ask your friends and family for help.  They will be delighted to be involved.

Coming up:

Part 1. Choosing Your Venue

Part 2. The Other Dress

Part 3. Wedding Photographer vs. Videographer

Part 4. Bridesmaids

Part 5. Beautiful Bouquets

Part 6. Cake Cars and Candy

Part 7. It’s The Little Things


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