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The Starting Off Project: Week 10. Beauty Tools

For the last installment of The SO Project we are looking at Beauty tools.

Mac 217, 239 266 brush, real techniques brushes

My most used beauty tools would have to be my makeup brushes, which really transformed my makeup when I started using them.  I have a few random drug store brushes, but the best brushes have to be Mac and Real Techniques.

Best Makeup Brush Buys

Mac 217 Blending Brush

The Mac 217 blending Brush is an excellent makeup tool, and I could not live without it!  You can apply your eye shadow colour quickly, and does all the work for you when contouring the eye.  The Mac brushes can be a little expensive, but if you look after them, they will last forever.

Mac 217 Blending Brush £18.00

Mac 239 Eye Shader Brush

The Mac 239 is a flat, firm brush which can be used to pat on eye shadow.  If you are wearing a strong colour, the Mac 239 brush will allow you to apply eye shadow heavily, which can later be blended in using the Mac 217.

Mac 239 Eye Shader Brush £20.00

Mac 266 Small Angle Brush

I have had my Mac 266 brush for about 13 years, and it’s still in perfect condition!  It’s great for lining the eyes and filling in brows.  If you’re not confident at applying liquid eyeliner, the Mac 266 brush will allow you to easily apply colour to the lash line.

Mac 266 Small Angle Brush £16.50

Mac Brush Cleanser

The Mac brush cleaning fluid is a must have for quickly and thoroughly cleaning your brushes.  You just need to add a few drops to a cloth or kitchen towel, and swirl your brushes around to clean them.  Using this fluid makes your brushes come out looking new!

Mac Brush Cleanser £10.00

Real techniques powder brush, blush brush and expert face brush

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is brilliant for blending in foundation to give you a pixel perfect complexion.  The bristles are soft bur firm, and make foundation application really easy.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush £9.99

Real Techniques Powder Brush

The Real Techniques Powder Brush is super soft and great for quickly dusting powder all over your face.  The good thing about Real Techniques is the high quality and affordability.

Real Techniques Powder Brush £10.99

Real Techniques Blush Brush

The Real Techniques Blusher Brush has the same qualities as the powder brush, but this one has contoured bristles.  It’s probably too large to contour with, but great for applying all over bronzer or a bit of blusher.

Real Techniques Blush Brush £9.99


The Starting Off Project: Week 9. Lipstick

A gorgeous lip colour can add that touch of glamour, and transform your look from day to night.

Colours can vary from a bright red lip down to a sheer nude.  It just depends how brave you are feeling!

Lipsticks: Rimmel Lasting Finish, Soap and Glory gloss sticks and Mac lipsticks


Lipstick can be applied directly to the lip or using a lip brush.  For best results and staying power, use a lip liner then fill in the colour with your lipstick.  For ultimate staying power, apply a lip liner to the whole of your lip then cover with your lipstick.  The liner will act as a base and will hold your lipstick in place.

Tip: To make sure your lipstick doesn’t transfer onto your teeth, put a finger in your mouth, make an O shape with your lips and pull out your finger slowly.  Any excess lipstick will transfer onto your finger.

Pixiwoo show you how to wear red lipstick:

Best Budget Lipstick Buys

Soap & Glory – Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss stick

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Nudist, Raplumzel and Bashful
L – R: Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Nudist, Raplumzel and Bashful


I talk about Soap & Glory’s Gloss Stick’s all the time, but they really are fantastic!  They are a cross between a lipstick and a gloss, and are so easy to apply.  There is a good selection, and the colours are really strong.  These Gloss sticks are super shiny and can be applied lightly for a flash of colour, or strongly for a full on colour lip.

Soap & Glory – Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss stick £8.00

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in 01 and 107
L – R:Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in 01 and 107

Shades: 01 and 107

I am new to red lipstick and purchased these recently.  The colours are bold and bright and they are very long lasting.  The Kate Moss Rimmel lipsticks are really popular and there are a great range of colours.  I love these two red shades, and will be going back to purchase some nude colours.

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss £5.49

Mac Lipstick

Mac Lipstick in Brave (Satin) and Angel (Frost)
L -R: Mac Lipstick in Brave (Satin) and Angel (Frost)

Shades: Brave (Satin) and Angel (Frost)

Mac lipsticks are amazing!  Mac has a huge selection of colours and there is definitely something to suit everyone.  They are moisturising, long lasting and I just love the packaging.  Mac also do a great recycling scheme where you can return 6 empty pieces of packaging and get a free lipstick.

Mac Lipstick £15.00

The Starting Off Project: Week 8. Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is a great way to define a colour in your makeup look, and can really make your eyes ‘pop’.  The most commonly used eye shadow is a pressed powder, but it also comes in loose pigment, eye shadow pencil, cream and liquid.

Mac eye shadows

Eye shadows come in three different finishes;

Sheer – for a hint of colour

Matte – a plain colour with no shimmer or shine

Shimmer – has sparkle and/or a metallic colour


There are many shapes and techniques in which you can apply eye shadow.   The following tips will help you emphasise your best features.

  • To make your eyes look bigger and more awake, apply a light shade on the inner corners of your eye.
  • If you have close set eyes, a darker colour on the outer corner will make them seem further apart.
  • To create a ‘cat-eye’ look, blend a darker colour on the outer corner of the eye and blend upwards.
  • To add depth to your eyes, blend colour in to the crease line of your eye socket.

Watch Pixiwoo’s Perfect Easy Smokey Eye Make-up:

This week for #theSOproject post I’m going to change it up a bit.  I normally review a selection of brands and products, but as I’m crazy about Mac’s eye shadow selection, I’m going to give you my top 10 Mac eye shadow shades.

In no particular order, my favourite 10 Mac eye Shadows are:

1. Orb (Satin)
2. Shroom (Satin)
3. Retrospeck (Frost)
4. Pink Freeze (Frost)
5. Star Violet (Veluxe Pearl)
6. Fig.1 (Matte)
7. Brown Down (Veluxe)
8. Woodwinked (Veluxe Pearl)
9. Bronze (Frost)
10. Carbon (Matte)

Mac eye shadows, L-R: Orb, Shroom, Retrospeck, Pink Freeze & Star Violet
Mac eye shadows, L-R: Orb, Shroom, Retrospeck, Pink Freeze & Star Violet
Mac eye shadows, L-R: Fig.1, Brown Down, Woodwinked, Bronze & Carbon
Mac eye shadows, L-R: Fig.1, Brown Down, Woodwinked, Bronze & Carbon

What’s your favourite Mac eye shadow shade?

The Starting Off Project: Week 7. Eyeliner

Eyeliner can really transform your eyes, and give you that dramatic glamorous look.  The technique can be tricky, but once you’ve mastered it, you will never go back.

Be a Bombshell, Collection 2000, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Mac and Avon
Clockwise from top left: Be a Bombshell, Collection 2000, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Mac and Avon

Eyeliner comes in many types, including gel, liquid, felt pen, pencil and shadow liners.  If you’re just starting out, your best bet is to practice with an eye shadow and an angled brush (like the Mac 266 brush).  You can plot the line in slowly starting from the inner corner, and if you make a mistake you can just blend it in and start again.

Once you’re feeling confident, try out a liquid liner which comes with a brush (normally in the lid).  Look down into a mirror and use one sweep to line the eye from the inner corner outwards.  Liquid and gel eyeliners give the most dramatic effect, and once dried will last all day.

An eye pencil can give you a beautiful soft line, and is really easy to blend into your upper and lower water line.  If you want to go for the full on smoky eye effect, line the lashes with liquid or gel with a flick, then fill in your upper and lower water line with a smudgy black kohl pencil.

Tip: If you want to create a flick with your liner, draw it in first with your eyes open, then line the eyes and connect the flick.

Watch the Pixiwoo Eyeliner Masterclass

Best Budget Eyeliner Buys

Pencil Eyeliner

Mac Eye Kohl in Smoulder

This Mac Kohl Pencil is a makeup bag essential.  It’s super soft, easy to blend and never seems to crumble or break.  Looks great smudged into the water line.

Mac Eye Kohl £14.00

Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Blackberry and Black

I heard so many recommendations for the Avon Supershock Pencils that I had to try them out.  Like the Mac pencils, they are really soft, easy to blend and are a super bargain price.  These look great blended into the upper lash line using a fluffy brush (like the Mac 217 brush).

Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner £6.00

Liquid Eyeliner

Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner in 1 Black

Collection’s Liquid Liner is a great bargain buy and is really easy to apply to your eyes.  It dries quickly and is very long lasting.

Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner £2.99

Gel Eyeliner

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in 01 Black

This is a recent purchase off the back of a recommendation, and I love it already.  It comes with a small brush, which I tested out, but I found it easier to apply with my Mac 266 angled brush.  The colour is smooth and dark, and once dried it does not budge.  Highly recommend!

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner £7.99

L’Oreal Superliner Gel Intenza in 01 Pure Black

This L’Oreal Gel Eyeliner is really similar to the Maybelline, and the brush included is identical.  There isn’t much to say in regard to differences; apart from this one is a little more expensive.  If you’re buying L’Oreal products on multi-buy, I would definitely recommend purchasing this eyeliner.

L’Oreal Superliner Gel Intenza £9.99

Pen Eyeliner

Be a Bombshell Cosmetics Pen Eyeliner in Onyx

This felt pen eyeliner from Be a Bombshell cosmetics was included in my September Glossybox, and I also added it in my September favourites.  If you’re in a rush, and don’t have time to carefully apply a liquid/gel eyeliner then this is the one for you.  It’s so easy to apply and gives a great smooth line.

Be a Bombshell Cosmetics Felt Pen Eyeliner in Onyx $14.00


The Starting Off Project: Week 6. Mascara

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet as mascara is pretty self explanatory! I wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without a slick of mascara, and just a few coats can really make a difference to your look.

As far as colour goes, I only ever opt for the blackest of black, but there are many other mascara shades out there. Technique is simple, look down into a mirror and use zig-zag motions to brush the mascara wand through your lashes. I generally use two coats of my favourite lengthening mascara, and for a dramatic look, an extra coat of a volume mascara.

Best Budget Mascara Buys

Max Factor False Lash Effect, Maybelline the Falsies and Max Factor Masterpiece Max
L – R: Max Factor False Lash Effect, Maybelline the Falsies and Max Factor Masterpiece Max

Max Factor – Masterpiece Max

I’ve loved this mascara for years, as it really separates and lengths your lashes. I use this daily and it always gives a really defined lash look with no clumping. The head of the brush bends, which makes application really easy.

Max Factor – Masterpiece Max £9.99

Maybelline – Volum’ Express – The Falsies

I tried this mascara from Maybelline out, as so many beauty bloggers were raving about it. The curved wand makes it easy to coat your lashes and gives a thick false lash effect. I find that I need to use the Max Factor ‘Masterpiece Max’ mascara initially to separate the lashes, then add this one to add the volume. Great for a statement lash look.

Maybelline – The Falsies £7.99

Max Factor – False Lash Effect

The Max Factor ‘False Lash Effect’ Mascara gives a similar full lash effect as the Maybelline mascara. This one gives you gorgeous fluttery lashes with no clumping. Max Factor often have multi-buy deals so I would highly recommend purchasing this one along with the ‘Masterpiece Max’ Mascara.

Max Factor – False Lash Effect £10.99

Max Factor False Lash Effect, Maybelline the Falsies and Max Factor Masterpiece Max
L – R: Max Factor False Lash Effect, Maybelline the Falsies and Max Factor Masterpiece Max

I would love to try a few new mascaras so leave me your recommendations in the comments.

The Starting Off Project: Week 4 & 5 Bronzer & Blusher

I’ve had a crazy few weeks, and have been on a few weekends away, so I apologise for the delay in weeks 4 & 5 of #theSOproject !  I thought I would combine these two posts as they fit together nicely.

Applying foundation to your face can often take out the natural colours of your face, so adding a blusher or a bronzer is essential to give you a sun kissed radiance.  Blushers and Bronzers come in many forms such as powder, cream and liquid and can be applied using a brush, sponge or your fingers.

Blushers and Bronzers


Choosing the correct blusher/bronzer colour is as important as getting your foundation colour right.  A darker skin colour can get away with bold bright colours and a pale skin should stick to light shades.  Remember  a little goes a long way!

Applying blusher

Blusher should be applied to the apples of your cheeks (smile and find the raised areas of your cheeks) and blended outwards towards your hairline.  You don’t have to stick to one colour blusher, blending two can give you a beautiful soft glow.

Applying bronzer

To get a beautiful sun kissed glow, apply bronzer lightly, focusing on areas that the sun would naturally hit.  This includes the high parts of your cheeks, forehead, chin and jaw line.

Contouring & highlighting your cheekbones

Contouring involves low lighting for areas you want to recede, and highlighting for areas you want to emphasise.  I am not an expert at this, but the basics are as follows:

Find the hollows of your cheeks, which is right underneath your cheekbone.  If you have trouble finding this area, run your blusher brush up your cheek and it’s the area your brush stops.  Apply your bronzer or darker low lighter using an angled or blusher brush, using light sweeping motions from the high parts of your cheek upwards towards your hairline.  To make your cheekbones stand out, you need to apply a highlighter at the high parts of your cheekbones.

Watch the video below by Wayne Goss for an extreme Kim Kardashian contour look:

Do I need tanned skin to wear bronzer?

No! Anyone can wear bronzer.  If you have pale skin, choose a bronzer one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone.  A multi toned mosaic style bronzer with pinks and beige’s will work best.

Best Budget Blusher Buys

Mac Blushers
L-R: Mac Blushers – Mocha,Margin & Well Dressed


Mac – Powder Blush – Well Dressed, Mocha & Margin

Mac offers a brilliant selection of blushers, and a little bit goes a really long way.  I wear ‘Mocha’ most days as it’s a beautiful dark pink that gives a natural flush.  ‘Well Dressed’ is a gorgeous shimmery light pink that looks great on pale skin and gives a soft glow.  ‘Margin’ blusher borders on a bronzer as it’s a peachy golden shade that looks great with tanned skin.  Overall Mac blushers are great quality and well worth the price.

Mac Powder Blush £18.00

Rimmel – Stay Blushed – 004 Sunkissed Cherry

I don’t normally go for liquid blushers, but this was a great addition to my September Glossybox.  It applies as a bright pink, but blends into a gorgeous soft pink.  This Rimmel blusher has a lovely scent and is really long lasting.  Great for a natural flush of colour.

Rimmel Stay Blushed £4.49

Best Budget Bronzer Buys

Bronzers: Sephora, 17, sleek
L-R: Sephora, Sleek & 17

Sephora – Shimmering Bronzing Powder – 2 Medium

I picked up this Sephora bronzer from a recent trip to Paris, and couldn’t resist buying it as the tones look so bright and warm.   A quick sweep across the bronze tones and bright pink gives a gorgeous summery glow that applies really naturally.

Sephora Shimmering Bronzing Powder 14.50 €

17 – Instant Glow Shimmer Brick – Pink Bronze

This Shimmer bronzer from 17 is a great duplicate for the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks and is a fraction of the price.  If you’re looking for something super shimmery then this is a great one for you.  You can sweep across the pink tones for a blush, the gold tones for a bronze, or across all tones for a beautiful glow.

17 Instant Glow Shimmer Brick £4.99

Sleek – Face Contour Kit – Light

Sleek makeup is such value for money, and this contour kit is amazing quality for the price.  The palette includes a matte bronzer and a shimmering highlighter which really complement each other.  The bronzer is quite dark considering this is the lightest Sleek palette,  so use sparingly!

Sleek Face Contour Kit £6.49


The Starting Off Project: Week 3. Foundation

The key to beautiful makeup is your foundation. Having a smooth, flawless base will instantly make you look fresh, radiant and give your skin that perfect glow.

If you have young skin, remember less is more. Young skin is beautiful and doesn’t need lots of foundation. If you feel you need a foundation, make sure you get a good colour match and apply sparingly.

mac studio fix, rimmel wake me up concealer and stay matte powder

Application techniques

There are many ways to apply your foundation, depending on the type you are using. I highly recommend using a brush, as you and can build up colour easily and get a beautiful even finish. If you use liquid foundation, you can always use your fingers to apply, which gives a soft natural finish.

Brush application

Real techniques expert face brush and powder brush

Using a brush to apply your foundation will give you that flawless, photo ready finish. The ‘Expert Face Brush’ from Real Techniques is a highly recommended tool, as it makes foundation application really easy and gives a professional finish.

Apply the liquid foundation to the back of your hand (two pumps will be more than enough) and use this as your palette. Dab the product gently and start applying to the centre of your face working outwards. Use a circular motion to buff the foundation into your skin, concentrating on the areas that need the most coverage.

To avoid shine, and to set your makeup, you will need to powder your foundation. The Real Techniques ‘Powder Brush’ is great for dusting over your face. If you want to keep a dewy glowing finish to your skin, use a small powder brush and concentrate on the areas where your skin gets oily (nose, forehead and chin).

The video below from Pixiwoo shows you how to create a flawless skin look.

Foundation FAQ’s

When should I apply my foundation?

Generally, foundation should be the first product you use to start your makeup look. If you are using eye shadows that have a lot of fall down (eye shadow dust on your cheeks) then you will need to apply your foundation after completing your eyes. Another way of avoiding eye shadow fall down on your foundation is to use shadow shields. These are sticky bits of paper that catch the eye shadow without ruining your foundation.

How do I know what colour foundation to use?

It’s really important that you use the correct colour foundation, as you want it to blend into the rest of your skin and look natural. Testing foundation on the back of your hand is not a good way to find a colour match, as your hands will generally be darker than your face. The best place to test a colour is on your jaw line. If it disappears into your skin, it’s a perfect match for you.

Why doesn’t my foundation last all day?

If you have oily skin, your foundation can start to move throughout the day. To get the most wear out of your foundation, apply a primer after moisturising, and before you apply your foundation. The primer will act as a bond between your skin and the foundation and will make it long lasting. Applying a powder after liquid foundation will set your makeup and help the foundation last longer.

Best Budget Foundation Buys

rimmel wake me up foundation, mac studio fix and rimmel stay matte powder

Liquid – Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

The Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up’ foundation is a favourite amongst beauty bloggers, as it’s a great value product which gives a beautiful finish. It has been compared to many high end foundations as it has a smooth texture and a moisturising finish. Apply this using the Real techniques ‘Expert Face Brush’ for a perfect dewy finish. Great for dry skin.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation £8.99

rimmel wake me up foundation and real techniques expert face brush

Powder/Foundation – Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

Mac ‘Studio Fix’ is a cross between a powder and a liquid foundation. I have used this product for over 10 years and cannot fault it. For everyday wear, a quick dust over your face using a powder brush like the Real Techniques ‘Powder Brush’ will give you a light matte finish. You can also apply the Mac ‘Studio Fix’ powder over liquid foundation to give a super flawless camera ready finish. I included this in budget buys, as one of these compacts lasts for months. Great for oily skin.

Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation £21.50

mac studio fix, rimmel stay matte and real techniques powder brush

Pressed Powder – Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

Rimmel ‘Stay Matte’ pressed powder is another favourite amongst the beauty blogger community. It helps reduce the appearance of pores and leaves you shine free for hours. This can be used alone for a light matte coverage, or over a liquid foundation to set your look. At under £4.00 this product is a must have! Great for oily skin.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder £3.99


The Starting Off Project: Week 2. Concealer

If you want to make your skin look flawless in preparation for makeup, you will need a good concealer. Concealer has many uses including covering dark under eye circles, covering blemishes and as an eye shadow base.

concealer - rimmel, collection, benefit, no 7

Covering dark circles:

To cover dark under eye circles, dab along the darkest area using the doe foot applicator or a brush in a crescent shape. Using your ring finger, lightly dab to blend (rubbing or pulling will only move the concealer and irritate the delicate under eye area). This can be done before or after applying your foundation, it’s up to you!

Covering blemishes:

Using a clean brush, dab a spot of concealer lightly on the blemish. Use your ring finger to gently dab the area until it blends into the skin. It’s better to cover blemishes after applying your foundation to avoid moving the concealer. Powder the skin to finish & set your makeup.

Covering acne and scarring

If you suffer from acne or scarring, makeup artist Lisa Eldridge has a fantastic video on spot covering, with amazing results. Lisa Eldridge shows a step by step guide from preparing the skin, to the finished flawless base.

Watch the video here:

What if concealer isn’t enough?

If concealer doesn’t do a good enough job covering dark areas, use a corrector beforehand. A corrector has yellow tones which help brighten, and will cancel out any purple tones in the skin.

How do I choose the correct concealer?

When choosing your concealer, go for cool undertones to hide blemishes and redness, and yellow and peach undertones for under the eye. To brighten, but keep a natural look, select a shade that is one half shade lighter than your skin tone. Be careful not to go too light, you want the concealer to blend with your foundation.

Types of concealer:

Pot concealer – Heavily pigmented and thickest type of concealer, apply using your finger or a brush.

Tube/wand concealer – Liquidy , offers medium to full coverage and easy to blend.

Stick concealer – Creamy, soft and easy to blend.

Budget buy concealers:

concealer - rimmel, collection, benefit, no 7
L – R: Rimmel, Collection, Benefit, No 7.


Rimmel London – Wake Me Up Concealer

This concealer has an ‘anti fatigue’ effect and gives a radiant glow. It has a doe foot applicator and blends in beautifully using a fluffy brush. If I could recommend any budget buy concealer it would be this one.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer £5.49

Collection – Lasting Perfection 16 Hour Wear Concealer

This concealer from Collection is an absolute bargain and is favoured by many makeup artists and bloggers. This moisturising concealer gives a light coverage that really does last all day.

Collection Lasting Perfection 16 Hour Wear Concealer £4.19

Benefit – It Stick Conceal It All Stick

Benefit’s It Stick is a pencil concealer that is soft and creamy, and blends seamlessly. It dries matte and stays put all day. A bit on the expensive side but Benefit offer great quality beauty products.

Benefit It Stick Conceal It All Stick £17.00

No 7 – Quick Cover Concealer

A great concealer for covering blemishes. Dries to a powder finish and gives a great coverage. I wouldn’t recommend this one for under the eye. Stick with a concealer like the Rimmel Wake Me Up for that job

No 7 – Quick Cover Concealer £7.50

concealer - rimmel, collection, benefit, no 7
L – R: No 7 Quick Cover (05 Medium), Collection Perfection ((2 Light), Rimmel Wake Me Up (010 Ivory), Benefit It Stick (one colour).

The Starting Off Project: Week 1. Skincare

I am no skin care expert and could do with a little bit of help myself!  So for week 1 of the #theSOproject I am going to guide you towards some experts that will be able to give you the best tips for perfect skin.

Caroline Hirons from is a skincare genius who I discovered a couple of months back when she teamed up with the Pixiwoo sisters Sam and Nic.  Caroline Hirons gives straight, honest advice and is a true expert in her area.

The most memorable and humorous tip I got from this video was cleansing wipes should NEVER be used in your daily skin care routine.

Caroline said:

Cleansing wipes should only be used for the three F’s: Fanny’s, Flights and Festivals!

See the full ‘Caroline Hirons: Pixiwoo’s Body Talk’ video here:

If you’re into organic skin care products, Anna from Vivianna does Makeup has recently put together a video of some great products that not only feel great, but smell delicious.   Most of these products can be purchased online and contain no nasty chemicals.

See the full video here:

And finally… Wayne Goss from has just uploaded a brilliant video on ‘Teenage skin: What to do and not to do during your teens’ with some great advice!

See the video here:

Skin types can vary so it is difficult to recommend products that will suit everyone.  In fact, this would be impossible!

If you’re on a budget, and visiting a drug store, my brand recommendations for young skin would be:

Face: Simple

Body: Soap & Glory

Extra hydration: E45

Next week on #theSOproject: Concealer

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The Starting Off Project

The #theSOproject (The Starting Off Project) is a brilliant concept thought up by beauty blogger Stephanie to give advice and information to young girls experimenting with makeup and skincare.

I can still remember my first ever beauty purchase at the age of about ten.  It was a pearly pink nail polish bought from a pharmacy and I loved it!  I also remember my second ever beauty purchase….a black (yes black) lipstick bought from Cardiff’s indoor market.  I have no idea why I wanted this, and would not advise either! Let’s just say it didn’t come off that easily and my mother was mortified!

The #theSOproject will run for the next ten weeks covering all aspects of beauty and skincare; giving tips, advice and tutorials.  There are over 100 beauty bloggers involved, and the schedule is as follows:

Week 1: Skincare
Week 2: Concealer
Week 3: Foundation
Week 4: Bronzer
Week 5: Blusher
Week 6: Mascara
Week 7: Eyeliner
Week 8: Eyeshadow
Week 9: Lips
Week 10: Make up tools

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