I’m Liz, an excited bride to be in love with all things pretty!  I got engaged in October 2009 and jumped straight into the planning, most importantly – looking for THE dress.

I may have jumped a little too fast, and in a crazy spontaneous moment purchased my dream dress. ONLINE!  This was a huge risk having never seen the dress in person, and knowing that it was a little too small (or a lot – I hate to admit!)  When the dress arrived it was absolutely beautiful and I was thrilled.  I had a go at squeezing into the white satin sparkly number but knew that I had a long way to go.

8 Months later and a lot of pounds lighter I slipped into the dress, and with my mum’s help, laced up the back.  This should have been a pinnacle moment, the kind where your mum sheds a tear in awe at her beautiful daughter, but it was me that was crying.  I hated the dress.

So, moral of the story is… the dress will ultimately be one of the most important parts of the day, so don’t skimp on it and definitely don’t rush it.  Go to the bridal shops and try on as many dresses as you can and find the style that defines you.  So with 5 months to go before the wedding I had a big task ahead and was cutting it fine!

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