Choosing the wedding flowers was one of my favourite parts of the wedding planning process.  Your groom won’t be interested in this part.  He is only interested in the car and eating cake.   Don’t punish him.  The first question every bride will ask the wedding florist is when is the right time to choose the flowers?  The answer to this is when you have found your dress, and subsequently picked your bridesmaids dresses.  See part 4. Bridesmaids.

Tip 1: If you have chosen your bridesmaids dresses, you have chosen the colour theme for your wedding.  Now is a good time to start thinking about your flowers.

The wedding florist will want to see a photo of your dress.  I thought this was just to be nosey, but there is reasoning behind it.  If you go for a large skirted dress your bouquet will also need to be large, and possibly cascading to balance out your whole look.  If you have gone for a vintage style dress, your wedding florist will be able to put together a beautiful rustic style bouquet to compliment your dress.

As I had chosen black and white bridesmaids dresses, I wanted something vibrant and bright to lift the look.  I asked for a mix of red and pink roses, accompanied by smaller white blooms to add texture to my bouquet.

bride pink and red bouquet

Tip 2: When looking through wedding magazines and online, remember that not all flowers will be in season for your wedding.  Take pictures of bouquets you love and your florist will be able to advise you.

I set my heart on having glass or silver pedestal bowls for the table centres, which I had seen in a wedding magazine.  Could I find these exactly to my specification anywhere? No.  It took me months of searching online, visiting eBay and going to antique shops to find what I was looking for.  Eventually I found some beautiful pressed glass pedestal bowls in John Lewis, which I was able to sell on to another bride after the wedding.

Tip 3: If you are buying your own vases, buy extra.  You wouldn’t want one to break before your big day and not be able to replace it.

As we also had a marquee with an English tea party theme, I collected vintage looking votives, small bud vases and teacups.   These were filled with small stemmed flowers for the centre of the tables, and looked beautiful.

vintage wedding flowers

vintage wedding flowers

Tip 3: If you’re going for a vintage style floral arrangement, look for vases or votives of different heights to make the display interesting.

My last thought on the subject of wedding flowers is always throw the bouquet!  This is such a classic element of a wedding day and is so much fun for the female guests.

Tip 4: Like I did, ask your florist to put together a throwing bouquet with any spare flowers.  This way you can take home your bridal bouquet, but still enjoy the fun of throwing one.  Mine looked like a mini version of my bouquet and I don’t think anyone knew the difference!

bride throwing the bouquet

Flowers by The Bee Orchid


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