My name is Liz, a 27 year old newlywed with a passion for beauty and fashion.

The other dress blog was created from a major wedding disaster that happened four months prior to the big day.  To cut a long story short, I fell out of love with my wedding dress and had to panic buy a new one.  So the blog is affectionately named ‘The Other Dress‘ in homage to my first dress, which is still hanging up in my spare room, unworn, unloved.

Since my amazing wedding day I felt a huge gap in my life, as I no longer had a creative project that I could work on.  So, I decided to continue blogging about my wedding, offering tips and advice to brides-to-be planning their weddings.

I am equally passionate about beauty and fashion, and love finding out about new and exciting products and trends to share with you.

Please get in contact if you have any questions, or new products to share.

bride pink and red bouquet

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