I am most definitely addicted to makeup! I love buying it, wearing it, testing it, eating it….. Okay not eating it!! But I could not live without it.

Comment below if you see yourself in any of the 10 signs below.

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10 signs you’re addicted to makeup

1. You can name every Mac eye shadow. Blindfolded.

2. You know you already have five identical blushers, in baby pink, that you never wear. But this one’s Limited Edition! So you have to have it!

3. You prepped, primed, applied foundation, powdered, contoured, bronzed and added a little touch of blush. Because today, you are going for the natural look.

4. You go to the supermarket for milk, and leave with a bag full of cosmetics three pairs of eyelashes and a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

5. You own more primers than there are days of the week. Because they’re all different! Right?

6. You trail your fingers along the high end beauty counters, gazing lustfully as you walk by. Because you love them. More than your boyfriend.

7. You bought a 100 colour palette, because you never know when you might need canary yellow or lime green.

8. When someone says “naked” you think Urban Decay, when someone says “orgasm” you think Nars and if someone says “bushy” you’re thinking of your perfect eye brows.

9. Your ideal makeup bag has wheels, and maybe a horse to pull it.

10. You have a favourite lipstick for the gym, doing the dishes and for bed.

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